Camp Croft State Park Trails

Lake Johnson Trail

Explore the perimeter of Lake Edwin Johnson on this 1.5 mile trail. The lake is 40 acres and provides largemouth bass and bluegill fishing opportunities, plus a great place to picnic and hike.

Lake Johnson Loop Trail

This is a quiet loop 2.4 mile trail through varying hardwood and wildlife habitats. This trail can only be accessed by taking other trails to it. A highlight of this trip is the view of the entire lake from the dam, a perspective only available from this trail. While on the dam, be on the lookout for bald eagles.

Lake Johnson Fairforest Creek Connector

This multi-use trail links the Lake Johnson Loop Trail to the Fairforest Creek Trail. This 4.5 mile trail drops down to the banks of Kelsey Creek and passes by the headwaters of Lake Craig, then climbs back up and over to the Fairforest Creek drainage.

Fairforest Creek Trail

This beautiful and peaceful trail will take you through a piece of farming history over the course of 3.5 miles. Keep an eye out for the terraces built by farmers long ago. Be sure to visit the picnic area along the banks of Fairforest Creek.

Beech Tree Trail

This 2 mile long trail will take you through rolling terrain, across hills, and along creek sides. Be on the lookout for old homesteads that date back to the late 1800s.

Palmetto Trail: Croft Passage

This 12 mile trail servers hikers, mountain bikers, and horse riders. The trail crosses the 65-foot Advance America Bridge, the longest footbridge in any SC State Park. Be on the lookout for remains of old homesteads.

Nature Trail

This is a quiet, foot-traffic-only, loop trail through mixed pine and hardwood trees and along the rocky shoals of Fairforest Creek. Remains of an old mill site and a bridge crossing are two historical points to view along this trail.

Rocky Ridge/Whitestone Springs

Rocky Ridge offers several scenic passages through hardwood forest along with views of rollings hills and creeks. Whitestone Springs Spur Trail is a one way route to a historic location where you’ll find evidence of a bottling business and the foundation of the 4 story hotel from the late 1800’s. Plus you can have a cool drink from the spring!

Foster Mill Loop

This is the widest trail in the Park and you will pass through some of the best historical areas, where you will see old trestle bridges as well as cemetery sites. This trail will take you along ridges, crossover beautiful Kelsey Creek and take you right along the shore of Lake Craig.

Southside Mountain Bike Loop Trail

This is the longest trail in the Park and offers access to many other mountain bike and hiking trails in this extensive trail system totaling over 16 miles. You’ll travel through rolling terrain, across hills, and along creeksides.